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We are inviting you to administer communion at home on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month beginning in May. The church has always acknowledged the importance of lay members administering the sacrament in extraordinary times. In addition, as Martin Luther made clear, the power of the sacrament is in the words of institution, not the one who administers or says these words. So, any of God’s children who believe in Christ as their savior can consecrate the elements under the right circumstances. And these are the right circumstances!

So, in advance of Sunday morning as the service unfolds, first appoint a member of your family or household to be the celebrant (what we call the one who says the words of institution) and serve the Lord’s Supper. If you are alone, don’t worry! You are a part of a very large family. Pastor will say the words for you, and you can commune yourself.

Before the service, make sure:

  • Your hands are clean.
  • There is bread on hand on a small plate. You may put a cloth or napkin on top if you like.
  • There is wine or grape juice ready (or some other beverage if wine or grape juice is not available).
  • That you have small glasses of some kind to drink from. The wine can either be poured ahead of time or at the time of serving.
  • If you have a goblet (what we call chalice in church) of some kind, you could have that present to raise up during the words of institution.
  • Someone there will serve the server.
  • Don’t worry if it doesn’t go perfectly! Remember what the meal means: God’s grace for imperfect people.

If any of you are uncomfortable saying the words and consecrating the elements yourself, Pastor will say them live and be your celebrant.

If you do have your own celebrant to say the words yourselves and serve communion at home, just wait until Pastor is done with the words and the Lord’s Prayer, then go ahead at his prompting and do the words of institution, etc.